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Teen internet use on the rise

A new Pew Research study reveals a 20 percent increase in teen (ages 12-17 years) internet use from 2000 to 2009.

Other findings include:

· Seventy three percent of teens went online in 2000 versus 93 percent (20 percent increase) in 2009
· Nearly 73 percent of teens go online for social networking reasons, compared to just 55 percent of teens who did so three years ago
· Sixty-two percent of teens use the internet for news and politics
· Seventeen percent go online to gather information on topics that may be too "uncomfortable" to broach with a parent or guardian, such as issues relating to drug use and sexual health
· Thirty one percent of teens get health, dieting or physical fitness information from the internet
· Only 14 percent of teens blog, compared to 28 percent three years ago.

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