Top 25 Most Read Stories of the Year on

From teaching with Twitter to Web 2.0 flashhcards to magnetic poetry, these are the stories that most captivated our readers in 2009. Have you read them all?

1. Bloom's Taxonomy Blooms Digitally
2. 10 Ways to Get Beyond PowerPoint with Classroom Projectors
3. Nine Reasons to Twitter in School
4. 21st Century Skills: Will Our Students be Prepared?
5. 25 Ways to Teach with Twitter
6. Five Reasons to Use Wordle in the Classroom!
7. Create Web 2.0 Flashcards in a Flash!
8. Eight Ways to Use School Wikis
9. Light Right - A Crash Course In Lighting Video
10. Why Wordle
11. Mac PDF Converter
12. 14 Ways K-12 Librarians Can Teach Social Media
13. 10 Ideas for Getting Started with 21st Century Teaching and Learning
14. Magnetic Poetry and More: Interactive Language Arts
15. Top 10 cell phones for students
16. The Pros and Cons of Texting and IM
17. 10 Hot Tips: Getting the most out of Final Cut Express
18. Combine Multiple PDF Files into One
19. Ten Ways to Get Smart with SMARTboard
20. How To: Use an Interactive Whiteboard
21. 5 Back to School Must-Haves for Innovative Educators
22. A Day in the Life of Web 2.0
23. The Ideal School Library
24. 5 Innovative Ways to Differentiate Instruction
25. A few ways to motivate teachers using tech