Use iPod Touch to Assess Reading

Reading teachers around the country can now transform their iPod Touch into a tool for diagnosing, assessing and improving student reading skills. Pearson, the education and technology company, today announced that its DRA2 Handheld - Tango Software Edition is available for Apple's popular handheld device.

Pearson collaborated with Liberty Source, developer of the Tango handheld software, to create the DRA2 Handheld - Tango Software Edition. Built on more than 20 years of research and development, the DRA2 helps identify a student's reading ability and level and document progress.

With DRA2 Handheld, teachers can use their iPod touch to measure student reading ability and link the results to instruction, with no software installation required. Teachers identify student reading achievement, analyze the data and communicate the results to administrators, parents and students.

Earlier this year, DRA2 Handheld - Tango Software Edition took top honors in the Software & Information Industry Association's 24th Annual CODiE Awards as the winner for Best Educational Use of a Technology Device.

DRA2 Handheld - Tango Software Edition qualifies for funding under a number of the current federal education stimulus programs. For more information visit or