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EdNET 2009 Impact Winner

 Lexia Learning Systems, providers of reading software, has been selected as the winner of the EdNET 2009 Impact Award.
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Lexia Learning Systems, providers of reading software, has been selected as the winner of the EdNET 2009 Impact Award.

The Impact Award is part of the EdNET Industry Awards, an annual awards program that commends businesses and non-profit organizations that have made important contributions to the education industry. A panel of leading education industry experts selected the one winner for each category of the EdNET 2009 Industry Awards, which are coordinated by EdNET sponsor Educational Systemics® and MDR, provider of marketing information and services for the U.S. education market.

Lexia provides a flexible, Web-enabled technology that is scientifically based and proven to increase reading proficiency. The program features a focused and intensive method for helping students maximize learning time for key reading skills, while providing educators with ongoing assessment and dynamic data to continually make differentiated instructional decisions.

The EdNET Impact Award recognizes the organization that has made the most significant impact on education through quality educational support and instructional resources. Lexia was selected as the award recipient based on several criteria:

• Provided a benefit to education for a significant period of time, showing staying power
• Effectively advocated and/or implemented quality educational practices that have resulted in improved student learning
• Applied educational research and/or technology to generate pedagogical change in support of improved student learning and/or educator practice
• Made a deep impact internationally, nationally, or regionally, exhibiting benefits to a diverse array of students
• Moved beyond the conceptual stage and is systemically implemented with learners and/or educators at multiple sites
• Demonstrated a positive impact on education

 For more information about the EdNET Conference and Industry Awards program, visit www.ednetconference.com

To learn more about Lexia, visit www.lexialearning.com.



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