Educating kids home with the flu

Around the country, K-12 schools are taking additional precautions to prepare for student absences due to the H1N1 virus, and ensure continuity of learning. netTrekker, provider of digital K-12 educational content and developer of an educational search tool, has created an H1N1 Absence Survival Kit to further assist K-12 schools in their continuity of learning preparation.

The H1N1 Absence Survival Kit includes a set of resources from the DOE, virtual instruction lesson plan templates, informational webinars to help educators use netTrekker's My Portfolio to create assignments for absent students, and resources to help schools communicate with parents. The kit is available at

"We have been told by our administrators if our school were to close because of an epidemic, that we are still responsible for educating all students during that closure," said history teacher JoAnne McClelland of Carmel River Elementary School in Carmel, Calif. "Most teachers panicked when they heard this. I didn't. I feel confident that I would be able to produce effective online lessons for my students with netTrekker."

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