Experts discuss Moodle, literacy, PD, and more at New York Tech Forum October 23

Tech & Learning's New York Tech Forum conference covers a wide array of valuable information in this acclaimed one-day EdTech workshop. The compelling afternoon workshops have been described in end-of-the-day evaluations as "visionary and right on target," "incredibly valuable" and "worth the whole day!" Here are workshops highlights for this October 23 event:

Making It Happen: How Our Imaginations Can Give Us the Schools We Want
When will the term computer lab sound as silly as the term pencil lab sounds to us now? When will the boundaries of academic disciplines become more permeable, so teachers see themselves not as English, science or math teachers, but as leaders of thought, solution, and growth? Building on the ideas set out by Chris Lehmann in his opening keynote, Patrick Higgins will help you bring your ideas about change to the forefront and aid you in articulating your vision for your classroom, school, or district.

Building Literacy for a Visually Rich World
As educators, much of our focus is on teaching students to encode and decode written language. However, we spend almost no time teaching them to critically navigate the imagery that dominates multimedia today. Join Marianne Malmstrom and Sarah Rolle to learn about ways to help students develop skills necessary for understanding and communicating in an increasingly visual world. They will share examples that involve the use of Comic Life, Photoshop Elements, digital video and more.

Students as Writers, Researchers and Collaborators
Writing is hard work, and an essential skill, so how do we ignite interest and improve achievement in student writing? This workshop, led by Jon Orech, will focus on audience, purpose, developing learning targets, tools and approaches for collaborative writing, and new research strategies involving blogs, RSS, social bookmarking and more. We will also look at ways of assessing students as the writing experience is transformed.

The Life-Long-Learning Toolbelt: An Approach to Professional Development

Most newcomers to the power of technology for education talk about a sense of being overwhelmed. Instead of focusing professional development experiences on the "cool" new tool or "buzz" word, this workshop introduces an approach that emphasizes "learning how to learn" via technology. Scott Meech will walk you through a five-step process for helping educators in your schools put together a "Life-Long-Learning Toolbelt" including research tools, social bookmarking, blogging, social networking and more.