FETC News: New projectors network-ready, energy efficient

Epson today announced four new projectors for the education market - the PowerLite 84+, 85+, 825+, and 826W+ - which offer USB Plug 'n Play connectivity for PC and Mac computers, improved microphone support, and pre-set line and graph patterns. In addition, the PowerLite 85+, 825+, and 826W+ offer the ability to send content over the IP network, optional wireless connectivity, virtual remote control functionality, and message broadcasting.

Among the new features offered with this series of projectors is low power consumption of 0.4-watts in standby mode (network communication off), allowing for increased energy efficiency. These projectors also include new pre-designed line and graph pattern templates that aid in instruction, eliminating the need for teachers to draw lines and grids on a whiteboard or blackboard.