FETC News: Two new K-5 math products

MIND Research Institute will preview its new web-delivered Integrated Instructional System and introduced its new ST Math®: Fluency software at the Florida Educational Technology Conference today.

The core of the Integrated Instructional System is over 200 games, presenting virtual manipulatives that illustrate math standards, help the student visualize problem structure and identify paths to a solution. All content is aligned to state math standards and reporting is in terms of percent mastery of the standards.

The new ST Math®: Fluency helps students gain fluency by incorporating visual proofs, adaptive training techniques, and animated informative feedback. For basic math facts a student doesn’t yet know, an animated visual proof is used to show the value of the fact. Instead of passively watching the animation, students actively manipulate the pieces and perform the proof themselves. By actively controlling the proof, students are able to see that it is built on meaning and logic instead of simply being something to memorize.

For more information, visit http://www.mindresearch.net/