Florida heads list of top ten states in online learning

An annual survey conducted by e.Republic's Center for Digital Education (CDE) to evaluate national online learning policy and practice reveals significant growth in state and district support for the implementation of online programs in K-12 education. Twenty-five states now lead online statewide initiatives - a substantial increase from the 15 states driving programs only a year ago.

CDE ranked states based on the vision, policies, programs and strategies they have deployed around online learning to transform their academic environments. For the second year in a row, CDE named Florida as the No. 1 state in online education for its thriving virtual school, which has nearly 125,000 students and saw a 25 percent increase in attendance in the last year.

The top ten states in the national rankings are:

1. Florida

2. South Carolina

3. New Mexico

4. Hawaii

5. Michigan

6. Louisiana

7. Idaho

8. Minnesota

9. Oregon

10. Arkansas

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