GradeCam aims to eliminate the busy work

GradeCam, Inc., Introduces Inexpensive Software Alternativeto Mechanical Scanners

Livermore, Ca. (May 20, 2009) – Demand for accountability in today’s classrooms means every teacher needs an in-the-classroom way to quickly gather information on student understanding and to record scores. The proprietary GradeCam™ image recognition software, paired with an inexpensive web or document camera, delivers a low-cost software alternative to expensive OMR scanning machines.

Developed to ease the administrative burden of classroom teachers, who can generate 500-1,000 or more assignments and tests weekly, GradeCam integrates with all electronic grade books and takes over several of teachers’ most time-consuming tasks, giving them the time and the data to individualize instruction.

“GradeCam came out of our own experience in the classroom,” said president Rick Porter. “We are committed to providing GradeCam as an inexpensive classroom solution that can ease the stress caused by the massive paperwork load almost every teacher faces. We are also committed to making student-performance data available to teachers and students immediately, in the classroom, so that they are able to use it in the most effective way possible.”

GradeCam’s image recognition software, paired with an affordable web or document camera, instantly grades multiple-choice tests and automatically records the scores in a teacher’s existing electronic grade book. GradeCam allows teachers to enter scores for all student work – graded tests, quizzes, and credit/no credit assignments for example – by swiping papers under a camera instead of entering the data by hand. Unlike traditional Optical Mark Reader (OMR) machines that require special forms and a No. 2 pencil, GradeCam forms can be printed from the software and reproduced, and may be filled in with any pen or pencil.

Alice Keeler is a typical GradeCam customer. As a math teacher at Clovis High School in Clovis, Calif., Keeler says that GradeCam’s statistics report is one of her most important teaching tools. “With GradeCam, after the kids scan in their quizzes, I know each student’s score immediately, and how the class did overall on each question. This allows me to review the quiz in class immediately and re-teach the questions that students missed while the text is still fresh in their minds.”

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