Integrated Communications System(2)

Calypso Systems today announced it has developed two new products - CM-3000 and Conductor - which together comprise a single, integrated school communications system.

As an integrated solution, the CM-3000 assigns priorities to various audio sources, ensuring the highest priority message is always delivered first, unlike dual systems. For example, the CM-3000 auto-detects incoming overhead pages and reduces volume levels of classroom A/V devices to let the page be heard. Furthermore, emergency alerts will be delivered to all rooms in the building without delay or confusion.

Conductor is a comprehensive school communication software solution that leverages existing school networks for audio distribution, eliminating the need for a separately wired system. Conductor manages all aspects of school audio, integrating administrative audio with classroom A/V systems. Bells, paging, intercom and emergency alert functions are all integrated through Conductor's secure graphical user interface.

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