Mobile device designed for schools

Califone has upgraded its handheld CardMaster card reader for the 21st century classroom with the launch of the AV2, which features a digital media player, camera, camcorder, and gaming console in one portable system.

Students can download, store and play interactive games and music, capture still images and videos, read eBooks, and record audio. With the built-in camera, students can showcase their creativity and hone media literacy skills. Teachers can create customized playlists for individualized and differentiated learning. As the AV2 was designed specifically for student use, the device has built-in 85 dB hearing protection. This feature can also be disarmed for students with special hearing needs.

The AV2 is available for $189. For a limited time, it will include pre-loaded content from seven CardMaster card reader programs, such as Basic Vocabulary, Everyday Words, and Phonics,valued at more than $300.