Microsoft Announces Partnerships to Support Educators

At the Microsoft 2011 Partners in Learning Global Forum, the Microsoft Corp. today announced new and continuing collaborations with the U.S. Department of Education, the British Council and the Smithsonian Institution to support educators as they help today’s youth overcome the emerging opportunity divide.

Microsoft will collaborate with the U.S. Department of Education to support a campaign aimed at inspiring and recruiting young people to enter the teaching profession. As part of this, Microsoft is assuming overall management of the TEACH website. It also announced a new, five-year partnership with the British Council, an international organization for educational opportunities and cultural relations, to increase quality and access in education and training around the world. Microsoft and the British Council have each committed $1 million (U.S.) to the partnership’s first project, which will build 80 digital hubs at schools across Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda using Windows MultiPoint Server.

Microsoft Partners in Learning, the Smithsonian Institution and TakingITGlobal are continuing to expand the Shout program, which was announced at last year’s Global Forum in South Africa. This year’s program will focus on water quality and quantity, to ensure that water is safe for both people and the environment, as well as managing the crises of too much water and not enough water.