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Data-driven instruction series for teachers and administrators

Teachscape has developed the Data-Driven Instruction Series content library.
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Teachscape has developed the Data-Driven Instruction Series content library. Comprising four new modules – two for instructional leaders and two for teachers – the series helps educators use data to make informed decisions for planning and implementing effective instruction.

The Finding Focus and Getting Results module helps school leaders develop processes related to working with data and implement successful strategies in their current work with data. The Leading and Supporting Effective Work with Data module focuses on the most effective ways school leaders can establish, develop, and sustain a data-focused environment in which teachers and other staff at their school are all adept at using data to engage in a continuous improvement process.

The modules include commentaries on particular topics such as formative assessment and reading, writing and mathematics instruction.



Data-Driven Teaching Skills

Are you struggling with data-driven decision-making? Do you wish you had better training in data-driven instructional practices? Dr. Scott McLeod has created a white paper that outlines the basic competencies needed for effective data-driven instruction.

Data-driven teachers by Dr. Scott McLeod

Data driven decision making (DDDM) is a system of teaching and management practices that gets better information about students into the hands of classroom teachers.  The five major elements are •    good baseline data •    measurable instructional goals •    frequent

Driven by Data

Question: What is data-driven professional development? A mouthful What you get when you apply data-driven decision making to staff training A technique for planning professional development based on research instead of seat-of-the-pants guesswork All of the above The answer, of course, is d, and although

Data-Driven Instruction Survey Released

LinkIt!, the K-12 education technology, assessment and data-management company, announced today the results from its “Step Back, Leap Forward Report: A 2012-2013 Data-Driven Instruction Survey,” a nationwide survey