Teachers win 4,000 free smartpens

Livescribe Inc., maker of the Echo and Pulse smartpens, announced today the fulfillment of the Livescribe Educator Ambassador Program (LEAP), filling all spaces in two weeks. In addition to a free Livescribe smartpen, LEAP participants will also receive online training, a book of ideas for using the smartpen in the classroom, a monthly education newsletter, as well as access to fellow Ambassadors’ classroom examples featured regularly on the Livescribe K12 blog.

Here’s a sampling of the some of the innovative smartpen uses shared by Livescribe Ambassadors:

  • Teachers create pencasts of daily discussions and lessons to make available to absentee students to avoid re-teaching the same lesson multiple times. Pencasts are the digital version of notes and audio, which allow the student to hear, see and relive the notes exactly as they were produced.
  • Librarians record audio book reviews, so students can play back the review and select the book that best matches their interests.
  • Math instructors are using pencasts to produce lessons to support the new Common Core Standards for mathematics.
  • For early readers, educators use smartpens to record students reading passages out loud in order to review with each student later and provide more accurate feedback, as well as allow the student to hear himself, which will help the student quickly recognize words and phrases which require more practice.