Education companies partner to offer college prep solutions

Kaplan K12 Learning Service and K12 have partnered to offer a complete portfolio of college preparation solutions.
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Kaplan K12 Learning Service and K12have partnered to offer a complete portfolio of college preparation solutions. Kaplan K12 Learning Services helps schools and districts implement college readiness solutions, focusing on improved student performance on the SAT and ACT college entrance exams and state assessments. K12‘s portfolio of instructional and curriculum offerings includes credit recovery solutions that help students stay on track for graduation, serving 63,000 course enrollments in the last year. 



Kaplan Partners with ScholarCentric to Increase Graduation Rates and College Readiness

Kaplan K12 Learning Services and ScholarCentric have joined forces to offer an expanded portfolio of college readiness solutions. Through their offerings, Kaplan K12 and ScholarCentric ensure that middle and high school students are confident, engaged, and motivated – key factors in improving academic performance and graduation rates according to a growing body of research. Using these resources, educators are able to address the specific social-emotional needs of the student, leading to improved academic performance.

Chicago partners with tech companies to create Early College Schools

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) students will have the opportunity to attend five Early College STEM Schools (ECSS) that focus on technology skills and career readiness, as well as earn college credits under a partnership agreement with five technology companies, CPS and City Colleges of Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has announced.