Teacher effectiveness platform provides ongoing assessment

An increasing number of states are passing legislation mandating annual evaluations of teachers and school leaders, based upon multiple measures including state test scores, local assessments, classroom observations, climate surveys and other factors. K-12 educators now have a way to monitor and improve their impact in these areas throughout the year, using the newFASTe(Formative Action System for Teacher Effectiveness) framework from Performance Matters™.

Prior to the beginning of the school year, educators use FASTe’s baseline module to conduct a district-wide self-assessment. Once classes begin, FASTe provides ongoing formative support during each instructional cycle by collecting data on student assessments, teachers’ professional development activities, observational outcomes, and other metrics. The program correlates all the data to show the relative effect the activities are having on instruction and learning, and connects educators to the professional development resources or support they require at that particular point in time.