Math game app and Wii math adventure released

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) today launched Number Stax, an arcade-like puzzle game app for students aged 12+. Number Stax is now available in the App Store℠ for $1.99.

Number Stax offers math fundamentals practice through solving number problems and algebraic equations. Players increase their score by strategically arranging integer and operation tiles to solve for designated numbers or expressions. They can swap tiles, freeze the game against the ticking time clock, and take advantage of bonus operations to eliminate as many tiles as possible and achieve a high score. The speed of the game increases with extended use, and play ends when the tiles in the Number Stax grid reach the top of the screen.

HMH has also released Carmen Sandiego™ Adventures in Math: The Lady Liberty Larceny – the first in an upcoming five-game series available for Wii™ and available for download through its WiiWare™ service.

In The Lady Liberty Larceny, and in each subsequent title, the player assumes the role of an ACME Detective Agent who is hot on the trail of Carmen′s henchmen after they steal one of the world’s major landmarks. Game play is designed for children in grades three through five and is specifically aligned to the Mathematics Common Core State Standards for grades four and five. Topics covered include symmetry, identifying angles, graphing, logic puzzles, fractions, solving equations, tangrams and many more.