Classroom system integrates interactive instruction and formative assessment

eInstruction has released Insight 360™, a formative instruction system that enables educators to obtain feedback on student learning through a suite of mobile devices, software and instructional material interoperable with existing technology and systems.

The Insight 360™ system offers the following features:

  • Mobility: As instructional content is projected onto any surface at the front of the room, teachers lead instruction from anywhere in the classroom using either a Mobi 360™ mobile interactive whiteboard or Mobi 360™ for iPad®.
  • Student Engagement: Teachers engage students in lessons with interactive Spark 360™ and Pulse 360™ student response pads and multiple Mobi Learner™ mobile interactive whiteboards.
  • Interoperability: Teachers can contribute to and control virtually any instructional and assessment content with Insight 360™.
  • Assessment Delivery: Insight 360’s New “CueTags” feature allows teachers to incorporate assessment content into virtually any program or file. Teachers can also create tests and formative questions using the standards-based eInstruction Learning Series test item bank. With the system, they can also use ExamView® Assessment Suite software to create new student-paced tests and leverage tests already created in ExamView®.

Insight 360™ works with a variety of third-party software used for creating lessons, including Smart Notebook and Promethean ActivInspire. For classrooms with fixed interactive whiteboards, the system can integrate this existing technology, while allowing a teacher to move freely around the classroom.

Insight 360™ is available for order today for a suggested retail price from $1,299 USD for a system with a Mobi 360 for iPad® application, and starting at $1,599 USD for a system that includes a Mobi 360device.