Conflict management skills program to offer weekly grants in February

Cerebellum Corporation is offering the second round of the Kelso’s Choice Grant program. Originally launched in November 2011, this latest grant will award one school in need a 4th Edition Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Skills curriculum kit each week in the month of February.

Led by Kelso the Frog, the Kelso’s Choice curriculum presents nine options students can use to resolve minor conflicts. Students learn to determine the difference between problems they can handle on their own and problems that require an adult’s help.

The Kelso’s Choice Grant is a competitive nationwide grant program with recipients chosen by a committee based on the financial need of the school or institution, as well as the severity of social issues its students are displaying.

Individuals can apply now for the Kelso’s Choice grant by submitting a one-page letter to the Kelso’s Choice Grant Committee via email to or by making a post on the Kelso’s Choice Facebook page at Grant winners will be announced each Monday in February.