National achievement test based on Common Core Standards

CTB/McGraw-Hill today announced the launch of TerraNova™Common Core, a newly developed national achievement test that represents a field-tested, valid measure of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). It is available in the subjects of reading, English language arts, and mathematics for Grades 3-8.

TerraNova Common Core offers a full range of item formats in one test, including multiple choice, constructed response, extended-constructed response, and integrated performance tasks. With this “one test” approach, educators can compare student results on national and Common Core standards across grades and ability levels.

TerraNova Common Core offers a combination of the 3 parameter IRT and 2 parameter partial credit models. Offering the ability to receive partial credit on test items provides a critical window into students’ progress toward mastery of a subject area or specific skill and how well students have mastered the Common Core State Standards. Results are available both in print and online in seven days or less.