PD resource adds training for Camtasia 1.2

Atomic Learning has expanded its training collection to include Camtasia 1.2 training as well as adding advanced training series for Illustrator CS5 and PowerPoint 2011, among other software applications. This update to the online edtech training includes several updates to existing training series.

Camtasia 1.2
Learn how to edit screencasts by cutting, splicing, adding transitions, and captions.

Illustrator CS5
Learn helpful tips and tricks for Live Trace and Live Paint, work with the Pathfinder Panel, create and manipulate blends and set your work apart with 3D effects.

PowerPoint 2011
Demonstrates more in-depth options for working with tables, customizing charts, adding hyperlinks, manipulating photos, adding audio and movies, working with animations and transitions, understanding slide masters, and more.

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