White House hosts young science competition winners

During President Obama’s White House Science Fair today he emphasized the importance of recognizing student achievement in science, technology, engineering and math and stated that in the next 10 years he wants to see one million more STEM graduates.

Two of Discovery Education’s student winners heard the President’s remarks in person as exhibiters at the event – Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge grand prize winner Braeden Benedict and Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge middle school grand prize winning team ‘6000 n 60.' Joining approximately 100 student winners from across the country, Braeden and the ‘6000 n 60’ team shared their winning projects with hundreds of science educators, business leaders and fellow students during the fair.

Braeden developed a low-cost impact detection device for use on youth and high school contact sport helmets to warn coaches and trainers that a player has received a hit with enough force to cause a concussion.

Team ‘6000 n 60' developed a household battery recycling effort to collect 6,000 batteries in 60 days.