Education furniture system addresses mobile technology, power needs

Bretford Manufacturing, Inc., today announced its EDU 2.0™ system of flexible furniture that supports technology for 21st century learning, is available for order starting February 20 and will begin shipping within 20 business days. The complete line, which is comprised of tables, desks, presenters, and seating products, achieves CarbonNeutral® product certification.

The wireless power technology transforms the EDU 2.0 furnishings into readily accessible, invisible power stations. Powermat’s inductive coupling model for energy transfer eliminates wires, cords and hassle. It senses when a device is fully charged and halts power delivery effectively eliminating energy waste.

Products in the new EDU 2.0 line include:

  • EXPLORE™ T-Leg Computer and Collaborative Laptop Tables
  • EXPLORE™ Flip and Nest Table
  • EXPLORE™ 4-Leg SCALE-UP Active Learning, Voltea Computer Tables and Activity Tables
  • EXPLORE™ Pedestal Base Café and MOTIV™ Occasional Tables
  • EXPLORE™ Chair and Stool
  • Instructor Tech Desk
  • Mobile File Storage Ped
  • Presentation Shuttle
  • Mobile Interactive Whiteboard
  • MOTIV™ Modular Soft Seating
  • MOTIV™ Freestanding Soft Seating