$50,000 contest spotlights VersaTiles

ETA/Cuisenaire announced this week it is launching "VersaTiles(r) Success Factor," a contest to spotlight how educators are using the company's VersaTiles product in their classrooms. "VersaTiles Success Factor" video submissions must be one to three minutes in length. Each entry should highlight a VersaTiles success story and describe how the product has made a positive impact in the classroom and with their students.

The first-place prize is valued at $50,000 with the winning school to be outfitted with a full range of VersaTiles, including math, science and reading/language arts.

Combining the challenge of a puzzle with the practice of a workbook, VersaTiles offers students the chance to practice skills independently and at their own pace.

The submission period begins Monday, March 19 and ends April 20.