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Interactive classroom software offers beta release

Luidia, Inc. today announced public beta availability of eBeam Connect, a new web-based software that allows teachers and students to interact from web-enabled devices, like iPads and other tablets. eBeam Connect and other upcoming products kick off the company’s new beta program, The program’s mission is to give teachers and students early access to new and unreleased products so that they can provide direct feedback to Luidia’s product development team.

eBeam Connect provides a browser-to-browser experience, where any number of teachers and students can start or join interactive sessions to create, capture, and share content in real time. On mobile devices like iPads and Android or Windows tablets, teachers and students can utilize touch technology or a stylus to share notes and diagrams, brainstorm, and more. Through eBeam Connect, the teacher can use his or her own computer to view each student’s progress.

To provide a browser-to-whiteboard experience, eBeam Connect can also integrate with Luidia’s hardware products (eBeam Edge or eBeam Engage). Instead of copying what the teacher is putting up on the physical interactive whiteboard, students can use eBeam Connect to see and manipulate the data directly on their mobile devices or desktop computers, as well as save their work. Additionally, remote students can tap into the classroom for long-distance learning and collaboration over the Cloud.

SnapCam is a new app for Apple iOS mobile devices that makes it possible to send photos taken or saved to an iPod Touch or iPhone directly to eBeam Connect.