New capability enables plug and play services across educational networks

Aruba Networks, Inc. announced that it demonstrated AirGroup, a new capability which identifies access network users’ individual roles and their locations to make plug and play network services like Apple’s AirPrint and AirPlay available to their mobile devices across enterprise networks.

AirGroup addresses usability and performance issues related to the use of mDNS services in enterprise and educational networks, including the following:

  • Enables users to discover network services across IP subnet boundaries in enterprise wireless and wired networks
  • Permits users to access conference room Apple TVs during presentations, based on group-based access privileges
  • Identifies AirPrint-enabled printers and enables user access by proximity
  • Allows teachers to project to an Apple TV in a classroom using their laptop or iPad, while student access is prevented
  • Gives students exclusive access to their Apple TVs in their individual dorm rooms, based on personal access privileges, while access by other residents is not allowed