Adobe Revel 1.2 Now Available

Adobe today announced the immediate availability of Adobe Revel 1.2, a photography app that offers users one place to put all their photos, which they can access from their Mac, iPad and iPhone. The app includes editing tools and the ability to share photos with family and friends.

New features available in Adobe Revel 1.2 include:

  • Events —Label and group photos so that a photo library matches how things happened in real life
  • Multi-Select — Share, export, and delete multiple photos at once
  • Update Date and Time — Make sure your photos are in the right place by making sure they are have the correct date and time
  • Improved editing performance on iPhone and iPad
  • Increased language support —In addition to English, Adobe Revel now supports French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Korean

Adobe Revel 1.2 is immediately available for Mac in the Mac App Store and for iPhone and iPad on the iTunes App Store.