Compact, Mobile Visual Presenter Announced

ELMO USA introduce the Visual Presenter MO-1, a new mobile document camera designed for instruction and presentations anywhere, in or out of the classroom or office. Smaller than a business envelope and weighing 1.3 pounds, the MO-1 fits inside a jacket pocket or small handbag.

The MO-1 can also be used as a scanner to transform documents, architectural models and product parts into digital data or as a webcam device with its built-in microphone.

The device features an HDMI input/output, USB power capability, 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor, 30 fps (full-motion) when used in 720P, a 300˚ rotatable camera head, a 2 inch close-up projection and an SD card slot for image storage. The MO-1 retails for $399.99.