"Decision 2012: Election Math" Announced

NBC Learn and Carnegie Learning, Inc. are teaming up to produce “Decision 2012: Election Math,” a collection of free online math education resources related to the 2012 election season, developed for middle and high school teachers and students. “Decision 2012: Election Math” will appear as a Free Resources Special Collection, with streaming videos on www.nbclearn.com, linked to interactive math problems on www.carnegielearning.com, beginning in Summer 2012.

The resource collection illustrates Campaign Math and Statistics, such as predicting winners through sampling; voter math and statistics, for analysis of voting-age populations, registered voters, demographics, and turnout; the math of representation, looking at congressional representation and apportionment of electoral votes; and winning math and statistics: comparing winners and losers over time by political party, candidate ages, home states, and popular and electoral votes.