Digital Media Switcher Designed for Ease of Installation

AMX® recently let its Enova® DGX Digital Media Switcher line get put to the test, allowing AVI-SPL technicians to test it in a live trial.

During the demonstration at AVI-SPL's Dallas offices, a technician with no familiarity of the switcher takes an Enova DGX 32 from an unpowered, unconnected state, to fully powered, connected, scaled HDMI/HDCP content that's ready to switch in less than 60 seconds. Watch the demonstration here. The Enova DGX Digital Media Switchers feature technologies to automatically solve HDMI and scaling problems, without tools or workarounds.

The Enova DGX Switchers are a line of modular matrix switchers with built-in controller that serve as the centerpiece of an integrated solution that manages and distributes analog and digital audio and video including HDMI/HDCP, control and Ethernet.