Four New Portable, Affordable LCD Projectors

Canon U.S.A., Inc. today announced four LCD models designed to serve the needs of a wide range of professional users. These portable projectors -- the LV-8227A high-contrast model and the LV-7392A, LV-7297M, and LV-7292M multimedia models -- are affordable, offer high brightness, long lamp and filter life, and convenient auto setup functions.

Combining high-contrast (3000:1) image projection with widescreen WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution display, the LV-8227A multimedia projector is designed to deliver bright (2500-lumen), highly detailed video and still images in well-lit environments such as classrooms.

Canon’s LV-8227A, LV-7392A, LV-7297M and LV-7292M multimedia projectors feature Genuine Canon wide-angle 1.2x zoom lenses with manual zoom and focus for exact user-determined settings of projection optics, clear picture quality, and generous projection distances.

The LV-8227A, LV-7392A, LV-7297M and the LV-7292M also incorporate these features:

  • Auto Setup Functions – for signal input, PC signal type, and vertical-keystone correction. One push of a button automatically identifies the type of input signal (video or computer), and – if a computer input – automatically synchronizes the projector’s display with the computer screen’s pixel configuration.
  • Extended Projection-Lamp Life – up to 6,000 hours in Quiet Mode (projection-lamp life of the model LV-7490 is 5,000 hours in Quiet Mode).
  • Extended Air Filter Life – up to 5,500 hours in ECO Mode (the filter, made of a new three-layer, highly efficient, hybrid material, cleans the air drawn in by the internal fan that cools the projection lamp).
  • Quiet Operation – at only 29 dB (in Quiet Mode), these new projectors are equipped with a cooling system that produces very little noise.
  • Easy-Install Lamp and Direct Power-On – convenient features for users wanting to ceiling-mount their Canon multimedia LCD projector.

The new Canon LV-8227A, LV-7392A, LV-7297M, and LV-7292M have suggested list prices of $799, $799, $699, and $599, respectively. All models are expected to ship in late June. For more information, visit