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Touch-Screen MP4 Player for Education Debuts

The new 8201 Player from Califone International provides a durable touch-screen MP4 player with video, audio, images, gaming, and eBook capabilities, designed for school use.
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The new 8201 Player from Califone International provides a durable touch-screen MP4 player with video, audio, images, gaming, and eBook capabilities, designed for school use.

Students can record audio of science experiments, class presentations, or educator lessons for later playback, as well as view educational videos, charts or diagrams. The 8201 features a robust LCD touch screen and silicon shell to prevent scratches and dents from student use. The device also has two headphone jacks and a built-in microphone. The audio control comes automatically programmed for safe hearing levels, with the option to change the setting for students with special hearing needs.



Califone Offers Industry-First Touch-Screen MP4 Player for Student Learning

With the number of digital media resources growing by the day, educators have a wealth of multimedia material to choose from to engage students in curriculum lessons and foster a love of learning. To help educators maximize the use of digital media in the classroom and beyond, Califone introduces the 8201, a touch-screen MP4 player made specifically for school use that offers a rugged design and student-friendly features, which are hallmarks of Califone products. Offering video, audio, images, gaming and eBook capabilities, the 8201 enables teachers to use the device in myriad ways to motivate and teach students in 1:1 and group learning environments. 

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