ISTE 2012 NEWS: New Classroom Communication Tool Unveiled

Classroom audio and integrated solutions provider FrontRow has unveiled the new Juno® digital communication platform at ISTE in booth 4247. The system comprises a one-touch teacher microphone, an installation-free digital line array speaker tower that’s expandable with up to six additional speakers, desktop software, and up to four simultaneous student microphones.

Juno’s Echo™ voice-activated lesson-capture feature lets teachers say ‘begin’ to record their voice as well as student voices, multi-media audio, and any content projected on the computer screen. It then automatically titles this content with the correct subject based on the teacher’s schedule, and preps it for upload to sites like Google Apps for Education. Unlike other platforms, videos can be of unlimited length and are in the device-agnostic MP4 format viewable on Windows® or Mac® computers, smart phones, and more.

The multiple microprocessors residing in Juno’s hardware are running active feedback suppression, setting transmission power, titling and packaging recordings — taking it far beyond anything typically associated with classroom sound. And yet the use of voice commands, an LCD touch screen, and desktop software keeps all of this digital horsepower invisible to the instructor during daily use.

The Juno system is scheduled for shipping in October. For more information, visit