Arkansas Educational Television Network & DOE Renew Partnership with ASCD

The Arkansas Educational Television Network (AETN) and Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) have renewed their partnership with ASCD to provide digital professional development opportunities for Arkansas educators statewide. Delivered through the ArkansasIDEAS (Internet Delivered Education for Arkansas Schools) professional development website, ASCD’s professional development courses cover topics such as Common Core State Standards implementation, differentiated instruction, integrating technology into classroom instruction, and other critical subjects and competencies.

Arkansas currently requires some of the highest numbers of professional development hours each year to maintain a teaching license, and has the largest comprehensive continuing education portal—including trainings, courses, resources, and assessments—in a cutting-edge, online setting. More than 32,000 registered educators from all regions of the state have completed approximately 460,000 credit hours in IDEAS since its launch.

The professional development courses provided to AETN and the ADE are derived from ASCD’s digital PD Online® solution. Since 1996, ASCD has provided innovative and award-winning PD Online courses to educators across the world. The PD Online series incorporates multimedia and high-quality digital content that fits the needs of almost any type and size of learning group, ranging from individual learners to statewide deployments and integration with university programs.

For more information on PD Online courses or any of ASCD’s other programs, products, and services, or to join ASCD, visit For more information on AETN, visit Licensed educators across Arkansas can access effective professional development content and more at