ISTE 2012 NEWS: ‘Connected Science System’ Expands Sharing and Analysis of Scientific Data

Vernier Software & Technology created the Connected Science System, a networked collection of technology that expands the ability to use data collected with Vernier’s recently released LabQuest 2. With the Connected Science System and the built-in wireless connectivity of the LabQuest 2, STEM educators and students now have new ways to share and analyze data using mobile devices, including iPad®, iPhone®, Google ChromebooksTM and Android™ devices.The Connected Science System encompasses three major features – Graphical AnalysisTM for iPad, Vernier Data ShareTM, and LabQuest Viewer – that support a collaborative learning environment.

Graphical Analysis for iPad allows students and teachers with iPad to receive sensor data in real time from the LabQuest 2 and then analyze, annotate, and save that data on the iPad. Data can also be manually entered for unlimited graphing and analysis opportunities. This app is available for purchase at an introductory price of $2.99 on the Apple iTunes store.

The Connected Science System includes Vernier Data Share which comes with the LabQuest 2. This web application allows educators to wirelessly broadcast sensor data to one or more devices from a LabQuest 2 interface. Using any device with a compatible web browser, students access the Data Share web app to analyze, either in the classroom or at home, an individual copy of the data on their own device. By allowing students to analyze data via a web app, Vernier Data Share supports a variety of mobile devices and classrooms adopting a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model.

The LabQuest Viewer software allows users to view and control the LabQuest wirelessly (or via USB) from a Windows or Mac computer. LabQuest Viewer can be used in conjunction with a projector or interactive whiteboard to share the LabQuest 2 screen with an entire class. This allows an educator to demonstrate the different functionalities of the interface and allows students to share or present their work to classmates. LabQuest Viewer may be purchased from Vernier for a $49 site license for an entire school or college department. The site license also covers students’ computers.

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