ISTE 2012 Survey: PD key to technology success in classroom

100 percent of the 43 participants interviewed by CompassLearning at the recent 2012 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference say that technology plays some role in the education of students at their school or school district.

Key Findings:

  • Many teachers embrace technology: 40 percent of the respondents identified themselves as teachers, ranging across all grades and all subject areas.
  • Computers rule, iPads are on the rise: 33 percent of those interviewed mentioned the use of computers in the classroom, but 21 percent are using iPads as well.
  • Professional Development is crucial: 37 percent of respondents identified professional development as an essential component of the successful integration of technology into the classroom.
  • Money Matters: 35 percent identified the shortage of funding as the biggest challenge for education.
  • Access to unlimited resources and information: 30 percent of those interviewed identified access to a vast world of resources as a key benefit of technology, while 21 percent were excited about kids creating their own knowledge.

Forty-three attendees of the 2012 ISTE conference were interviewed, responding to four questions about technology use in the classroom, the biggest challenge facing education and the biggest opportunity for education. While not statistically valid, the direction of the answers is enlightening. For video compilation of the interviews, go to: