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Shmoop Now Offers Literature Glossary

Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, offers a Literature Glossary that can help students do the following:
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Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, offers a Literature Glossary that can help students do the following:

  • Learn the definitions for words that are difficult even to pronounce: zeugma; bowdlerize; amphibrach; ekphrasis; pyrrhic…
  • Figure out how to use malapropisms—on porpoise.
  • Discover that an apostrophe is more than just an “upper comma.” And that it doe’sn’t nece’ssarily need to be u’sed in every word that contain’s an “S.”
  • Impress friends with new language skills; define dénouement, in medias res, and ottava rima.



Shmoop Now Offers Literature Glossary

For students who need a refresher on the difference between connotation and denotation, Shmoop now offers a Literature Glossary. The glossary includes pronunciations and definitions, so students can look up how to use a word like “verisimilitude” in a sentence. The online tool organizes the words alphabetically and by theme, allowing students to search literature categories like characters, narration, drama or theory.

Shmoop Launches Shakespeare Central

Shmoop’s Shakespeare Central offers summary and analysis of Shakespeare’s plays and poems, glossaries of words and idioms invented by Shakespeare, and a tool that translates modern English into Shakespearean English.

Shmoop Now Offers Every AP Exam Under the Sun

For students gearing up to take AP exams, Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, offers a guide for every AP exam students have ever wanted to take. Students can prep for marathon sessions in the testing room with full-length practice exams, and then review the results with in-depth answer explanations. Additional features include a customizable dashboard, practice drills and diagnostic exams that identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Shmoop Adds Video to Its Teacher Resource Offering

Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, recognizes that video can be a powerful tool in learning. The company aims to help teachers connect with their students in every way possible. Shmoop has recently added new Video Activities to its Teacher Guides that educators can use to supplement their teaching methods. In all, 26 new Common Core-aligned video activities are available and more will be added soon.

Shmoop Debuts Test Prep for AP Spanish Language and Literature

Shmoop announces the launch of online test prep resources designed to prepare students for the AP Spanish Language Exam and AP Spanish Literature Exam scheduled for May 8th and 18th respectively. Students can brush-up on their Spanish language and literature skills with extreme topic review, grammar review, practice drills, full-length practice exams, and more. With these latest additions, Shmoop online test prep resources now cover 20 of the most popular AP Exams, in addition to the ACT, SAT and PSAT.