Connected Educator Month Updates

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has been following the goings-on with Connected Educator Month with interest (he’s been tweeting regularly about it). Now he’s offered some thoughts long-form in a new video about the event, how it’s going, what it means and why it’s important:

Adopt A Colleague
Find a colleague at your school, district, or state who is not already part of an online community and bring them to a CEM event/activity. Then send them the CEM Starter Kit, which gives them one easy way to get more connected every day. Or take one of the many other steps Stephanie Sandifer suggests in her excellent blog post on getting more of the unconnected involved.

Save The Date: Karen Cator joins DML LIVE, Tuesday, Aug 21, 10AM ET
Karen Cator, the US Department of Education’s Director of Educational Technology, joins the MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning initiative in a live webinar to share the purpose of Connected Educator Month, why it’s so crucial to connect educators with one another, what we're learning from CEM, and what’s next for the Connected Educators initiative.

Learning Registry Adds Chrome Plug-In, Solicits Entries For CEM
The national Learning Registry has created new Chrome plug-in for Connected Educator Month and is soliciting new entries to the registry about online and open source learning resources you’ve found useful. Click this link for more information!

This Weekend…

For more CEM help and resources, see the CEM Calendar and the CEM Getting Started page, which includes links to our CEM Starter Kit, Help Desk, Book Club, District Starter Kit, CEM Supporter Kit and more.