Program built to help students master the Common Core

Curriculum Associates, LLC, has introduced an all-new print program to support student success on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Built specifically for the new standards and using the language of the CCSS, Ready™ Common Coreoffers students in grades 3–8 rigorous instruction and practice in math and reading while also offering teachers multilevel resources and tools to implement these lessons.

The reading series meets the text complexity expectations of the CCSS by using multiple leveling criteria as recommended in the CCSS documentation. The math program addresses the Common Core’s emphasis on conceptual understanding through reasoning, modeling, and discussion that explores the structure of mathematics, while also developing students’ procedural fluency.

Teacher Resource Books support teachers with embedded professional development, including step-by-step lesson plans and best-practice tips to learn the new approaches to teaching the Common Core. The online Teacher Toolbox provides teachers with resources to differentiate instruction and reteach prerequisite skills students may not have mastered in earlier grade levels.