Early Release of i>clicker+ announced

The i>clicker+ is now officially available in the U.S.
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The i>clicker+ is now officially available in the U.S. Features include:

  • Longer battery life, more convenient for students
  • A smaller, sleeker housing, less plastic and packing is used — comes to class easily
  • Improved keypad, featuring clearly marked braille A-E characters and LED lights for an improved vote confirmation experience.



Clickers expand into K-12 arena

 As part of the agreement, i>clicker's system will be aligned to national education funding programs, including IDEA (Individuals With Disabilities Education Act) and 21st Century Community Learning Centers.

Clickers Rule!

from Technology & Learning Rapid responders are the new classroom essential. Walk the exhibit hall of any education technology conference today and you're sure to see more rapid response systems than you can count. Promethean's Activote Yes, "clickers" have caught fire in the education