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Election 2012 Collection launched

As the race to the White House heats up, PBS LearningMedia has launched the Election 2012 Collection
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As the race to the White House heats up, PBS LearningMedia has launched the Election 2012 Collection, a compilation of election-focused digital resources available to K-12 classrooms and educators nationwide. The 2012 Election Collection features a student-aimed Elections 2012 newscast, highlighting issues from the campaign trail, a multimedia glossary, interactive digital games and lesson plans geared towards high school students and teachers.

The Election 2012 newscast, titled “In the News,” features a playlist of video clips focused on current events involving the candidates and issues in the upcoming presidential election. The Election 2012 Collection will also feature “Road Trip to the White House,” a new game that requires students to correctly answer questions based on animations and multimedia glossary terms, like PAC, Super PAC, primary, caucus, delegates, party platform, battleground states and more.

For more information, visit pbs.org/election2012.



NBC launches presidential election resource

NBC Learn has launched “Decision 2012”—a new special collection designed to help students research and analyze the 2012 election based on the candidates, the major issues, the calendar of events, and the process behind the campaigns.

Gale Launches New Collections

Gale today announced the launch of several new Gale Digital Collections products for academic and special libraries, as well as additions to the Gale Artemis: Primary Sources platform.

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Today marks the official launch of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 registration in the biggest categories of the competition: Software Design, Game Design and the IT Challenge.