My Big Campus Partners with NROC to offer free multimedia content to users

Lightspeed Systems announces new partnership with the NROC project to deliver courses and media-rich learning objects on its social learning platform, My Big Campus. The NROC project focuses on new models of digital content development, delivery, and use. For a limited time, educators and students using My Big Campus will have free access to NROC’s media-rich course resources.

The non-profit NROC project offers a variety of courses and content, correlated to state and national standards,designed to bring multimedia to today’s curriculum. A highlight of the NROC Library is the new grant-funded program: Algebra 1—An Open Course. Additional resources include both AP courses and adaptable course foundations to prepare students for college and beyond in subjects like Arithmetic, Algebra, Statistics, Calculus, Biology, Environmental Science, Physics, US Government, US History, and more. Each course employs video, animation, graphics, text, and audio with an emphasis on interactivity.