New online tool for individualized instruction

K12 Inc. today announced it has launched the first in a series of content available through the PEAK12TM Library, a new tool that allows instructors to personalize online courses for students, classes, schools or districts. The PEAK12 Library now includes 5,500 lessons from the A+nyWhere Learning System® (A+LS) by K12®, which provides content and assessment tools individualized to match skill levels and learning needs of students.

The Library enables instructors to modify an existing course or build a new course – whether for an individual student or for an entire school district – using A+LS content, as well as adaptive and informative assessments.

In addition, using A+LS with the PEAK12 Library, instructors can:

  • Compare student performance against state and Common Core State Standards
  • Build adaptive or informative assessments to their specifications, or select from hundreds of pre-built adaptive assessments
  • View reports that show which students have or have not mastered specific objectives
  • Access student performance data in one place