Kno launches new study dashboard for students

Today, Kno, Inc.,, launched Kno Me, a personal study dashboard that helps students measure their engagement with each Kno eTextbook they use. Students can check in to see near real time stats on their study behavior, interaction levels, time management and personal progress. With Kno Me social sharing, students can opt-in to share their results with peers and follow the engagement levels of other classmates.

The study insights available from Kno Me are based on Kno’s proprietary analytics platform, including the average time a student spends interacting with the textbook and time within specific chapters, the percentage of pages in the chapter the student annotates, and the percentage of glossary terms the student has mastered. Kno Me is available on all Kno interactive textbooks for iPad and web browsers and will soon be available for Android and Windows 7 and 8.