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LEGO® Education StoryStarter aims to help students build stories

Today, LEGO® Education announced its first language arts product, LEGO Education StoryStarter.

Students can use LEGO Education StoryStarter to build their own stories. Through a guided building process, students explore the components of story structure, different story genres and writing. They practice the art of idea generation and retelling stories, both spoken and written, using their LEGO bricks as props. LEGO Education StoryStarter is not meant to replace traditional language arts curriculum, but to supplement this important area and spark student engagement in language arts lessons.

The core set includes LEGO bricks chosen to support writing activities: five building plates; a cardboard spinner built with LEGO elements which can be used as a kick-starter to the creative process; the LEGO Education StoryVisualizer software, which integrates digital learning and can be used by students to record and visualize the stories they have created; and the StoryStarter Teachers’ Guide and Curriculum Pack. For more information about LEGO Education StoryStarter and pricing, click here.