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BETT NEWS: Promethean previews 7" Android tablet

At Bett 2013, educators in the Promethean Learning Productivity Studio (Stand C80) will model best practices for three different learning modalities: whole class instruction, personalised learning and collaborative learning.

The company will preview a 7” Android tablet preloaded with software for gathering immediate feedback on student comprehension and for customizing lessons.

The company will also release an update to its virtual learner response system ActivEngage 2.0, which works on school- or student-owned devices. The upgrade optimizes it for use on touch tablets, PCs and smartphones running Windows 8 (via a web client server), Android and iOS.

A new content modifier for the ActivTable will also be released, giving teachers the ability to customize activities for their classroom.

Promethean at Bett 2013: Day Two (opens in new tab) from Promethean (opens in new tab) on Vimeo (opens in new tab).