TCEA NEWS: Skyward launches custom data tool SkyCoder

Skyward today launches SkyCoder, a free tool that enables districts to customize its solutions for greater control and advanced data management capabilities. Customers can now tailor screens and field rules to fit their needs without using in-house development staff or expensive customizations.

SkyCoder provides districts with the option to extend custom defined parameters, fields and validations to ensure district-specific needs are met, including modifying existing fields or adding new fields. Customers can also flag required fields within a user profile, providing districts with necessary administrative alerts and information. For example, when a district’s data clerk tries to enter an invalid code, the field can be flagged to draw the clerk’s attention to the error. This functionality helps ensure that the proper information is entered at the source.

In addition to customization of screens and field rules, SkyCoder features an import/export function that enables scripts to be shared among districts, once again saving districts time and money. For more information on the Skyward administrative software and IT consulting services for K-12 districts, visit