Vernier introduces new sensors for STEM education

Vernier Software & Technology introduces five new sensors: The Goniometer, Radiation Monitor, Vernier Optical DO Probe, Ethanol Sensor, and Pyranometer, which all provide high school and college science instructors and their students with tools to conduct investigations across many scientific disciplines.

The Goniometer is used to measure the angle of a human joint, such as the knee or elbow.

The plug-and-play Vernier Optical DO Probe measures the dissolved oxygen concentration in water.

The Radiation Monitor detects alpha, beta, gamma, and X-ray radiation.

Also new to the Vernier 2013 catalog are the Ethanol Sensor, which can be used to measure the concentration of ethanol in air above an aqueous sample, and the Pyranometer, which measures the power of electromagnetic radiation in watts per square meter.

The Ethanol Sensor ($109), Goniometer ($159), Pryanometer ($199), and the Radiation Monitor ($169) are currently available. The Vernier Optical DO Probe ($379) will be available in spring 2013. To learn more, visit