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Free e-waste awareness curriculum to accompany recycling program

EcoBuddies is a free preK-5 recycling curriculum and fundraising program that helps students understand the environmental impact of e-waste while gaining subject-area knowledge and applying it to real-world projects.

The standards-aligned, cross-curricular environmental education program includes lesson plans, classroom activities, worksheets and quizzes, colorful wildlife characters and a soon-to-be-released online interactive habitat.

The EcoBuddies curriculum is available online at no charge to FundingFactoryparticipants. Schools can sign up for free with FundingFactory to recycle used printer cartridges, cell phones and other small electronics in exchange for cash or points redeemable for new products in the e-Rewards catalog.

With EcoBuddies, students apply the knowledge they’ve gained in class and learn eco-friendly behaviors by participating in their school’s recycling efforts and working with their local communities to save e-waste from landfills. New collection bins and promotional materials showcasing the EcoBuddies characters help schools highlight their participation and encourage parents, businesses and community members to send in more recyclables.

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